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Hotel Alpi Hotel Alpi 4 star
This four star hotel is near the Termini Train Station, and is housed in a magnificent Art Nouveau building dappled in sunlight, creating the sensation upon entering the hotel of a cozy, pleasant residence.
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rates from
€ 75
Hotel 7 Kings Relais - Location: Via Veneto Hotel 7 Kings Relais 3 star
7 Kings Relais Hotel is a recently renovated and situated in the historical center of a splendid late 19th century building facing one of the most beautiful streets in Rome.
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rates from
€ 59
Hotel Lazzari - Location: Termini St. Hotel Lazzari 2 star
Just four minutes away from the main train station Termini, it is extremely well connected by public transpor, giving easy acces into the center of the city and to most of the major monuments and shopping zones.
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rates from
€ 50
Hotel Mirage&Halifax** - Location: Marsala Termini Hotel Mirage 2 star hotel
From this great central location you can enjoy Rome on foot or by the simplicity of the public transport system located just minutes away. Mirage Hotel boast friendly staff available 24 hours a day.
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rates from
€ 49
B&B A Vinicius Et Mita B&B Vinicius Et Mita
Located only minutes to the centre of Rome. From here you can see many of Rome’s sights and monuments. The rooms are comfortable, classically furnished and include a view of the garden. Free internet connection provided.
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rates from
€ 49
Millions of tourists every year decide to travel to ancient Rome to visit the main wonders of Italy. They usually plan their Roman Vacation well ahead to avoid any disappointments. Of course the main concern is where to sleep. Everyone would like to book a hotel room in Rome with the best conditions and prices. As we know, Rome can be pricey and it may not be an easy task to contain the cost of your holiday, however on you will be able to find cheap hotels in Rome with the best conditions, book it and save some money within your budget.

Info on How to Travel Rome on Budget

Rome is one of the most visited city in the entire world and finding a Rome hotel's room at the best conditions is not that easy. Rome never runs out of visitors all year-long and Roman hoteliers are aware of that. A visitor can be charged for a Hotel in central Rome an average rate from €60 to €200 a night for a simple double room.

A tourist’s determination coupled with some effort to look for cheap hotels in Rome, allows you to still enjoy visiting without breaking the budget. If you want start saving search for online reservation services that offer no booking fee and advance payment. carry the slogan: “Book now and pay in Hotel - No Fee - No Hidden Costs” In short, pay when you stay with no extra costs. Even budget hotels in Rome can compete with luxury hotels in Rome in terms of amenities, facilities and accommodation services.

Another way of experiencing Rome without spending a fortune is to book a hotel near Termini train station. Termini railway station is located close to the historic part of the city and most of Rome’s affordable lodging inns are clustered in this area, with some offering great deals at fairly affordable prices. City centre accommodations get costly chiefly because are really close to the Eternal City’s highlights, such as the Colosseum, Fori Imperiali, and the St. Mary Major Basilica, to Rome’s free of charge sights, including the Spanish Steps and Phanteon.

Hence, a stay in a 2 star hotels in Rome will not be a source of discomfort or disappointment because they too, can provide the hotel reservation packages familiar to budget hotels. 2-star hotels provide on-site amenities, concierge, free internet access, bed and breakfast reservations; and they are mostly air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms and Internet access.

We hope this article will help you to book the best and most convenient hotel accommodation for your stay in Rome, Italy.

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